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LED Knowledge Popularization Facing Three Mountains

As everyone knows, performance of LED lighting lamps compared to the ordinary energy-saving lamps still has many advantages: energy saving, 1 watt LED lamp brightness is equivalent to the energy saving lamp of 2 watts, 5 watts, 1000 hours LED lamp power consumption of 5 degrees; long life, LED lamp life can reach 50000 hours; good applicability, because of the single LED small size, can be made into any shape; response time is short, NS (NS) response time level, while the ordinary lamp is MS (MS) response time level; environmental protection, no harmful metal, waste to recycling; brilliant color, color pure, narrow spectral range, and through the red green and blue three primary colors mixed color into the colorful or white.

Although, LED lighting in comparison with ordinary energy-saving lamps have many advantages, but there are also many problems, such as the quality of the products in terms of price, brand, there are deficiencies, LED lighting to really enter home of common common people should avoid making short, let the people willing to accept.

LED knowledge insufficient people understand not.

Although the LED lamp has many advantages, but because there is no good popularity, many people do not understand the LED lighting is very good. Some merchants said, many people don't know about the LED lamp, more do not know LED lighting lamps than ordinary energy-saving lamp has the advantage of. People still like to choose their own like products in their own range.

LED technology is not a new technology, but in the terminal market, it is still unknown in old people, ordinary people to understand it or less. Now LED lighting products are mostly used in the commercial sector and government projects, and in the civilian market is accounted less share. The reason for such a reason is that businessmen and officials to understand LED knowledge, LED lighting is superior compared to the identity; the common people but do not quite understand, this is the cause of LED lighting is difficult to spread in the general public.

Not long ago, a LED lighting as the theme of the popular public welfare activities held in Hefei, this event to Hefei people brought new LED technology. It is understood, the LED Science in public welfare activities to popularize basic knowledge of LED lighting, science and technology, to promote LED lighting at the same time, promote the Anhui LED industry development, promote energy saving and emission reduction, low carbon environmental protection consciousness. This presentation will be LED lighting auditorium national speaking tour of one of the station, which had been successively in Shandong, Guangdong, Henan, Guizhou, Hangzhou successfully held, praise from the lighting industry.

This kind of popular science activities for promotion in the LED civil field lighting can play an active role, let people know LED lighting lamps, so that they have more choice in the selection of lighting lamps, LED lighting probability tendency is also greatly enhanced, in favor of LED lighting in the civilian market popularity.

LED lamps prices high people still difficult to accept.

Not long ago, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology and other 6 ministries jointly issued "planning energy-saving lighting semiconductor industry". Planning pointed out that, to promote energy-saving lighting industry with an average annual growth rate of output value of about LED 30%, in 2015 reached 450000000000 yuan, and put forward the policy to encourage a series of concrete measures and.

Although the country in support the development of LED lighting industry, but in the domestic market, in does not necessarily LED lighting sales. Reporters to the market to understand, at present a lot of lighting shops have LED lighting lamps for sale, but the share is far lower than the other lighting lamps, the price is generally higher than the ordinary energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps prices has stabilized at 6-10 yuan, the general LED lamp prices ranging from 20-300 yuan, the cheapest LED lighting also wants 15 yuan a, and the LED lamp brands more expensive. Business call a spade a spade and said, for this price, ordinary people still difficult to accept.

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